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Sara Calvert, Director
(308) 345-7341

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Because student success is the overarching goal of the Title 1C Education Program, services are a vital aspect of the program. ESU #15 must give priority to migrant children who are failing or are most at risk of failing and whose education has been interrupted during the regular school year. 

ESU #15 may use Title 1C Education Program funds to provide the following types of services:


Instructional services (e.g., educational activities for preschool-age children and instruction in elementary and secondary schools, such as tutoring before and after school)  and

Support services (e.g., educationally related activities, such as advocacy for migrant children, health, nutrition, and social services for migrant families; necessary educational supplies; transportation).



The following is a list of schools the ESU #15 program serves:

Perkins County- Grant
Chase County- Imperial
Dundy County Stratton- Benkleman
Wauneta- Palisade
Hayes Center

Medicine Valley - Curtis
Hitchcock County- Culbertson & Trenton
Southwest- Bartley & Indianola

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