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ESU 15 English Learner Program

Kid Drawing With Colored Pencil

ESU 15 provides to schools an EL Coordinator to help identify English Learners (EL) and

implement a program to meet their needs. This coordinator works with school districts so that:

Happy Kids with Books

1). EL students develop full proficiencies in English in the domains

of listening, speaking, reading and writing,

2). EL students are challenged in academic content to enable them to meet

performance standards in all content areas,

3). EL students receive instruction that builds on their previous education and

cognitive abilities and that reflects their language proficiency levels,

4). EL students are evaluated with appropriate and valid assessments that are aligned

to state and local standards and that take into account the language acquisition stages

and cultural background of students, 

5). EL students are held to the same high expectations of

learning established for all students.  
                                                                                                                       (1-5 source unknown)

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Studying Outside

Contact EL Coordinator:

Sara Calvert

(308) 334-5160 or (308) 345-7341

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