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Our Current
Annual Report


Educational Service Unit #15 (ESU 15), as a partner with our area schools and communities, will provide leadership and services to support the improvement of teaching and learning.

Serving School Districts in Chase, Dundy, Frontier, Hayes, Hitchcock, and Red Willow Counties

Professional Development

Our focus is to improve student learning through professional development.  We provide trainings and collaborating opportunities to strengthen teaching strategies and knowledge


Performs many functions for the local districts, FFR reporting, Rule 51/52, IDEA applications in addition to CPI &  para-educator trainings. 


Students are evaluated with recommendations for appropriate services.  Psychs provide consultations, counseling sessions, behavior assessments, intervention, & curriculum based assessments.

Education (STEP)

Assisting youth who are at risk o failure within their traditional home school.  Preventive program for ages 12-18 offering an individualized, self-paced curriculum in academics, behavior skills, life, and social skills.


Providing supplemental education and support services to eligible migrant children. Helping to ensure migrant children benefit fully to same public education & reduce educational disruptions.


Providing numerous technology services to our schools - internet service, technology training & staff development, firewall & filtering support, on-site tech support or advice & tech audits.

English Language
Learner Program

Helping schools identify English Language Learners (ELL) & implement a program for their needs.  Collaborates with ESU 10 consortium in Kearney to help schools comply with Nebraska Rule 15 & Office of Civil Rights regulations

SW NE Distance
Education Network

ESU 15 is one of 38 sites in the Southwest Nebraska Distance Education Network, which is a two-way interactive fiber optic teaching and learning network that covers over 20,000 sq miles in rural western Nebraska.

Early Childhood Services 

Providing services to children birth to 5 years in the child's natural environment. Planning Region Team assisting children with disabilities and their families. Also serves as a central contact for families with child's growth & development.

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