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ESU 15, as a partner with our area schools and communities, will provide leadership and services to support the improvement of teaching and learning.

We Believe...

1. People are our most valued resource.

2. Students are the ultimate beneficiaries of our services.

3. Effective communication is key to the success of our organization.

4. In information driven decision-making.

5. We need to collaborate and cooperate with our schools to help them determine their needs, and then to be responsive and             accountable.

6. Professional growth for ESU 15 staff members is important in order to effectively lead and support our schools.

7. Our school districts' students, staff, parents, and communities shall have equitable access to services based on their needs.

8. Quality education is critical to the advancement of an ever-changing democratic society.

9. Quality education requires support, including personal dedication and the commitment of financial resources.

Welcome to Educational Service Unit #15

Educational Service Unit #15 was established according to Nebraska State Statutes 79-201 through 79-1243.  ESU 15 is an intermediate agency providing educational services to southwestern Nebraska schools in Chase, Dundy, Frontier, Hayes, Hitchcock, and Red Willow Counties.  Included in these counties are nine K-12 districts and one K-8 parochial school.  The area served covers approximately 5,041 square miles and includes approximately 3,543 K-12 students and 402 teachers.  ESU 15 provides "core services" as defined in Nebraska statutes.  ESU 15 employees 28 staff members to serve our member schools.

Educational Service Unit #15 is governed by an elected board of 10 members, one representative from each of the established districts.  The Legislature through LB 603 requires Nebraska ESUs to align election districts according to population.  Educational Service Unit #15 is divided into ten election districts of equal or substantially equal population.  The Educational Service Unit #15 board meets monthly at the educational service offices.

Helping #1 Educators   Build #1 Kids

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